July 12, 2024

I use Finale for notation. True, I did buy Sibelius when they were offering that sweet upgrade price. But, honestly, I haven’t used it. I haven’t had the time to learn it. I’d rather spend it learning, oh, Logic Studio, or ProTools. I like to complain about Finale, cause I use it daily. I want it to be better. It is a great notation product.

Finale has been tagged with the perception that it is hard to learn. That might have been true back in 1999, but that is certainly not the case with the latest versions. For many versions now, MakeMusic has been making Finale much easier for a new user to use. Finale’s real strength is it’s power. You can tweak your music to your hearts content. Learning how to do this can be a long, lonely road.

Enter The Finale School. Matthew Voogt has put together a nice site that has a lot of videos showing how to do stuff in Finale 2007. While the video quality is not great (fuzzy when you blow it up), the content is straight forward and easy to follow. You can learn a lot of new Finale things by watching a few of the videos. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “The Finale School

  1. I’ve never used Finale, and I don’t know about video tutorials, but I was delighted to hear from a friend of mine about his problems with enduring fiddly little quirks in Finale that were pretty much the same quirks as in the free-software Rosegarden that I use — I had always thought “well, that’s what you get for ‘free’” but as it turns out, maybe I get pretty good value after all, despite the lack of cost!

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