May 19, 2024

Ok, I decided to put this up. It’s an arrangement of Super Mario music I did last year. It is cool. Perhaps even cooler than Tank! Damn it, it is. It is MARIO.

Scored for 5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, guitar, piano, bass and drums. I make no promises on how good the guitar part is (my band does not have a guitar player).

Enjoy (donations are always welcome and an added incentive to put more stuff up!)

  Super Mario Medley for Jazz Band (1.6 MiB, 1,202 hits)
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Look at all the downloads (41 as of 4/29). Not a single contribution. And people wonder why there isn’t more stuff up.

5 thoughts on “Super Mario Medley

  1. oh man, your stuff is always on point man. And about donations, i’m simply sorry for that, i’m high school student, and band dosnt give enough freetime to get a job.

    but man this is like my main source for getting stuff for my development, as i will be head of MLK High School’s Sax Choir, i will be using a lot of the study material as a way to better the group.

    -Thank you

    1. Though bands do get a yearly fund to get new music and what not. Students should not be expected to pay for music that their HS band plays.

      If you play it, you should pay for it. So, if your a teacher and you have your band play it, you should pay something for it. That is only fair. I know of at least ONE middle school (*cough* Stone Valley in Alamo *cough*) that has a copy and never paid anything for it.

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