May 19, 2024

The world of programs to slow down songs to figure them out has another member, Capo ($49). Right off the bat, this program has a great interface.
Capo Screen Shot
Smooth, and Mac. It also has a great vocal remover. And you can export sections of the songs to a file, or if you removed the vocals, you can save it to a file. You can also add markers for sections of the song and stuff. Pretty cool.

Yet…..for a $1 more, you can get Transcribe, which might not have the amazing Mac interface, but has way more functionality….like using the markers to divide up the beats between measure markers. Or the spectrum analysis (which is EXTREMELY helpful).

So, while I like Capo’s feel, for the same price, you can get Transcribe….which is better. Maybe if they dropped the price to $25 or so, it might be worth having in the arsenal. But not for $49 when there is something way better for that price.

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