July 23, 2024

Dear all,


I am writing to let you know the complete set of “100 Major II-V-I Bebop Lines SK Edition” is now uploaded to the Downloads section at JKChang.com.  The SK “Single Key” Edition features bebop lines from the original “100 Major II-V-I Bebop Lines vol. 1” organized into individual key. This organization is designed to help improvisers to work on II-V-I lines in specific keys and might be helpful additions as the pre-chromatic transposition exercises.

Edition Information:

“This volume of the Jazz Improvisation Series, an extension of 100 Major II-V-I Bebop Lines, emphasizes upon major II-V-I jazz lines stylized in the Bebop tradition. In this edition, 100 Bebop lines are grouped into single keys to facilitate the development and familiarity of Bebop idiom of specified key. It is recommended that users start the exercises in a comfortable speed and gradually build up the facility to satisfy the technical demands in faster tempos.”

PDF file (200+ pages) is located in the Downloads page.  Click “Featured Download” banner to access the corresponding page for SK Edition.  Additionally, please submit your ideas and suggestions in the “comment” section of “Downloads” page if you have specific requests for new biab materials.  Please leave suggestions for existing projects in their corresponding pages. Thank you.

As always, I hope these materials will be useful to some of you:-)



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