Stop The US Congress and Senate – Stop PIPA and SOPA

Wednesday is a protest day here in the USA because our Congress, with their heads up their asses again, are trying to pass two pieces of legislation. One seems to be shelved as of this writing (SOPA), but the other one, PIPA is very very much alive. PIPA could cause sites like Soundcloud, Tumblr, and many others (including this one) to be taken down. Educate yourself on these flawed pieces of law that our inept Congress is trying to pass. And write your Congress person.

UPDATE: Seems the SOPA bill has been moved to next month, NOT because of the public opinion about it, but because all the Senators and House Members are going on vacation again before they try to go out and get elected again. PIPA is supposedly moving ahead full steam. It is disgusting.

Bravo to, and for participating in the blackout.

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