July 15, 2024

UPDATE:4 Days left, they also included Firetask and Printopia to the bundle. http://macheist.com

Ok, probably aren’t into the games. But the two things that are of tremendous value are DiskTools Pro and Evernote (1 year and 3 months of the Premium). For $29.

Evernote premium is $45 a year. That right there is a good reason to get this bundle. The DiskTools Pro also has a very nice disk defragmenter for those of us who work with big files.

Back to Evernote. Consider how much time you spend on the web. You find something useful, interesting, insightful, or whatever. You bookmark it. You might as well have thrown it away. Are you going to remember WHERE you put the bookmark? What was the site called? Nope. Forget about it. That bookmark has gone to the same place where the missing socks go.

Evernote, for me, has an AWESOME Web Clipper (or you could set up a bookmark script in Safari, or even email the link to your evernote account) that will grab the articles, sans ads and crap. Then you can tag it with somethings to remember what it is. Say music, psychology. And/Or put it in a binder, say called Misc Music Stuff, or just put it in the default place.

Ok, now you are saying “But isn’t that just as bad is bookmarks”. NO. Sit down Skippy. Take another drink of your juice box. It is NOT the same. Why? Cause you can search EVERYTHING in Evernote. The PDF you put in, the Webpage you just clipped. It’s all searchable. Every……single…..word. So if you saved a webpage dealing with Garbonzo beans, you can search Garbonzo in the search, and it will find you ALL THE ARTICLES that have that word.

I’ll wait while you pick your jaw up off the floor……….ok?

Plus you can take pictures and put it in Evernote. Or voice memos. Tag it, organize it. Once it’s in there, it’s available on your computer or phone (Android/iOS)

Pretty cool? It appears you get UNLIMITED storage in Evernote, but you can only transfer in 1 gig a month. So after 13 months you’d have 13 gigs of searchable crap. Not a mess of bookmarks.

$29…..plus you get some games (Strongbad game is funny), an art program, and a Recipe program (which comes with a ton of recipes).

So consider it….soon. 6 Days left to get it. My math skills say that that is 1/2 price for an Evernote account. Evernote has been a good value so far for me. I had a TON of interesting articles saved in Google Reader (that is a whole OTHER story how that is cool) that I have clipped into Evernote and can actually find and use now. Now if I could just find those socks I’m missing…..

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