April 20, 2024

I almost won this item on ebay. A Chedeville Oboe Mouthpiece.

Oboe Mouthpiece Picture 8

Wow. It got to pricey for me. Plus I just had to shell out a lot of money to the IRS. 🙁 Interesting discussion about it here. Seems it isn’t so great. Looks kind of cool though. Probably would help out some poor doubler out there than wanted to add oboe to his weaponry.

Here are some pictures taken off the auction

1 thought on “Oboe Mouthpiece?!?!?

  1. My band teacher gave me one a couple of years ago when she was cleaning out cuboards… almost got thrown away. I never knew it was worth so much. Same brand as the one pictured too. Mine even still has a reed for it in good shape.

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