March 1, 2024

Yes, the iPhone/iTouch is amazing. 100,000+ Apps. A lot for free. There are a few diamonds in the ruff, and this one is looking like another find.

RelativePitch is an an iTouch/iPhone app that will drill you on intervals. There is a lite version of it as well. The interface is OK, but I have a few complaints about it. The application does not, at least in the lite version, allow you to vary the root note. Maybe the full version does this, I dunno. Second, the intervals are always UP, as in root then the note above. Down would be a great thing to have in this app as well. Perhaps the full version does it. It would be simple enough to add in an update.

The price? $7.99. Forget that. If the developer knocked it down to $1.99, maybe. You’d be better off searching the web for various free trainers, like Hopefully someone will do a better version for the iTouch/iPhone soon. Or a cheaper version. $7.99. Come on people!

5 thoughts on “Want better Relative Pitch? There’s an App for that.

  1. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for posting about RelativePitch. I can confirm that the full version does support both random, and chosen root notes. It also lets you train and test ascending, descending and harmonic intervals.

    RelativePitchLite is meant as a free and easy introduction to interval training, so it doesn’t provide the full feature set. I think most people who spend time training with RelativePitch find that $7.99 isn’t all that much to pay for the improvements you’ll find in your hearing!

    I hope you’ll give it a try 🙂

    Christopher Sutton
    (Developer of RelativePitch)

      1. Ah, App Store pricing… It’s a really interesting debate. There’s been a ‘race to the bottom’ in terms of pricing, and I think it’s set the expectation that phone apps aren’t worth much – When in fact they can be far more useful and rewarding than a lot of full-price desktop software!

        Of course you’re entitled to your opinion, but in the case of RelativePitch, I think ‘highway robbery’ is putting it a bit strongly!

        Yes, there are other apps priced lower – but that doesn’t mean that’s all each app is worth. To be perfectly honest, I would say both of the apps you mention are worth more than their asking price, but that’s up to their authors to decide.

        RelativePitch is a tool that can really help musicians get more out of music. It’s not an overstatement to say that the benefits it can provide when used regularly can last a lifetime. I think that’s worth the price of a CD!

        The fact that a lot of apps in the App Store are priced very low doesn’t change the value of this app. There are a lot of ‘throwaway’ apps, which you might buy, use briefly, and then never spend time with again – $1-$2 is a good price point for these.

        I think the free RelativePitchLite lets users determine whether they’ll get a lot of use out of RelativePitch – and if so, $7.99 really isn’t that much to spend!

        That’s my opinion, anyway 🙂

        1. Well, I think $7.99 for the limited features that the program has makes it not worth it. Maybe $2.99. Or $1.99.

          For a $7.99 program I expect a lot more. Heck, IamTPain has more features and I paid $1.99.

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