July 15, 2024

Continued refinement has lead to Pedalboard 5.0. Lets recap a little first…

Pedalboard 1.0 attempted to address this by using the Eventide MixingLink. However, I could never get the volumes of the two inputs to be close to the same. Generally, the sax mic was a lot louder than the EWI. Even with the MXR MicroAmp on it, it was sort of hit and miss.

Pedalboard 2.0 didn’t really fix the problem of the EWI, and introduced a POG, and a Pageturner.

Pedalboard 3 ushered in a smaller board, and me giving up on trying to get the EWI on the effects chain. Pedalboard 3.1 had some changes. I dumped the POG, added a reverb, and made an Arduino page turner. The EWI was still not included.

Pedalboard 4.0 had a great concept, but it had a number of issues that were not working. First, I had everything going through the HX Stomp. Which, was a pain. Say I JUST wanted to use the Eventide for Q-Tron or harmony…..I would have to go to a bypass patch that allowed the effects to “flow” to the Eventide, and then back through the HX Stomp.

Which brings us to Pedalboard 5.0.

Pedalboard 5.0, 12-2020

Abandoning the “everything goes through” the HX Stomp, I have everything going through a One Control Black Loop 2-Loop switcher pedal. This little guy easily lets you decide where to send your sound. To the Eventide? To the HX Stomp? Both at the same time? Done. So you could have harmonies done by the Eventide, but still have another set of something happening on the Stomp.

Now, the one issue that remains is some sort of midi sending of commands to both the Eventide and the HX Stomp. The bluetooth midi dongle I have, a discontinued Quicco Sound mi.1, works well if you have one. But having two…..it doesn’t work so well. I’m thinking about getting a Xvive MD1, but it sticks out a lot……so, I would have to do some rearranging.

But, that is the current rig as of now. Probably another revision in a month or two…..depending on how the pandemic goes….

2 thoughts on “Pedalboard 5.0

  1. Hi Eric,
    Just discovered your site and am happy I did. Lots to look at…
    I have a pedalboard similar to yours. I don’t have the H9 (yet) but am settling into two input (with eq) solution (TheGigRig 3to1, my sax and flute mics have 1/4″ connectors) into Stomp with exp pedal. I am liking the idea of a reverb pedal outside the Stomp. Anyway, would you be willing to “share” a basic Stomp preset of yours for sax? Understand if not. Thanks, JRM

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